6 Reasons to Buy a Winton Home

Reason 1 – We have a whole team dedicated to building your dream.

When you build a home with Winton Homes, your new house truly does start with a dream. Our design center can take your dream, even if it’s sketched out on a napkin, and build a completely custom floorplan to suit you. They will use the design program CAD to create a custom floorplan that meets your needs. They can also modify existing floor plans for a new home. Our design team will work with you every step of the way to make sure your home is exactly how you imagined it. If you are moving or relocating to El Paso, we can start with long distance correspondence to get you into your dream home as soon as possible.

Reason 2 – You get a beautiful luxury custom home with Winton Homes.

Our new homes are completely customizable. Every client has the option to make changes from the conception of ideas to the last coat of paint. We add amenities and landscaping to give your home the feel of a luxury resort with as little or as much extravagance as you and your family desire. Heated bathroom floors, lagoon swimming pools, and home theaters are just a few examples of what we can offer.

Reason 3 – Our homes are energy star certified.

Once you move into your Winton Home, you’ll quickly see why you’ve made the right choice. Your energy bills will be lower, saving you $400 a year on average. That’s like having an instant rebate on your home every year. You’ll enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters with our 100% spray foam seal technology. From appliances, windows, building materials, and specialized HVAC systems, we do everything we can to make sure that we build a home with as much energy efficiency as possible.

Reason 4 – Our homes are built using the highest quality materials available.

When you walk into a Winton Home, you can feel the difference. We strive to find the highest quality building materials and best contractors available. Our customers are given the top quality service and materials. We know that so much more matters than just appearance when it comes to building a home. Our luxury custom homes are meant to look and feel good while outlasting all others. We invite you to come into one of our model homes for the full Winton Experience.

Reason 5 – We have over 26 years of experience.

Winton Homes has been building high quality, spacious El Paso real estate for 27 years. After so many years serving the El Paso market, we have learned a great deal. As a family based business, we understand the importance of durability as well as comfort in your living space. We can offer better quality and better service than our competitors because we have a better understanding of the needs and desires of our customers. Not only that, we conduct our business in the specific way we do because of all the things we have learned along the way. The housing market is constantly changing, and so are we. We are sure to always remain up-to-date so that we can offer our customers the best.

Reason 6 – We offer 24/7 Warranty Service.

At Winton, we stand behind our homes. Our commitment to you doesn’t end after you move to or relocate to El Paso. We offer 24/7 emergency warranty service. We know that emergencies happen at the most unfortunate times, so we offer around the clock service so that you aren’t left paying high costs for repairs. The last thing we want is our happy homeowners left with a disaster on their hands. Before we even start building a home in El Paso, we discuss the details of the warranty service with our customers.