Decorating Tips for Your New Custom Home

woman with paint color samples holding them up against a wall that is being paintedSo you hired home builders to build your dream custom home–now what? Well, it’s time to decorate. Whether you’re purging your old stuff and starting over completely or you want to decorate with all of your favorite knick knacks you’ve collected since you were a kid, these tips and hacks can help you make the most out of custom homes.

Tip #1: Utilize Shelf Space

Custom homes, no matter how big you have them built, only come with so much space, meaning you have to create your own. One of the best ways; shelves. Many homes have high walls, ascending up and up, but ultimately going to no use. Shelves can change that. Some ideas include:

  • Creating diagonal bookshelves- Even with tablets and such, hard copy books are still not out of style. Adding bookshelves can not only be great for decorating, but can also add more space. You can even color code the shelves for a nice rainbow effect.
  • Pictures frames, knick knacks, and collectibles- Adding shelves can also make room for all of your family pictures, knick knacks, and collectibles–so you don’t have to get rid of them no matter how much your spouse nags you.

Tip #2: Pick a Theme or Color Scheme

Picking a theme or color theme for your house–or for the individual rooms in your home–can help you narrow down how to decorate it. You can go for a warm, homey feel, with checkered table cloths, dark colored furniture, and warm colors or an abstract scheme, utilizing grays, blacks, and whites and minimalistic decorations to give your home a clean, artsy feel.

Tip #3: Think About Furniture

Your furniture really makes a room. They tell a story and they are usually the thing that helps you decide on how to decorate it. There are many things to consider when buying new furniture, including:

  • Wood
  • Color
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • And more!

Furniture is one of the best ways to make custom homes feel like home.

Tip #4: Wall Colors

In custom homes, the walls are yours paint over and over again until you are satisfied with the room. You can try pastel colors for a cozy, modern look, bright colors for a bold statement, or white and cream-colored paints for a fancy, official look. Either way, your home is yours to paint!

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How To Prepare Your Kids When Moving Out

happy family with two kids packing up boxes for moving daySo the time’s come to move your growing family into a bigger house. Although moving is a very common fact of life, it can still throw your young ones for a loop! Winton Homes is ready to help you avoid the stressful situations that may arise from moving into a new home. El Paso is a big, beautiful city full of excellent schools and wonderful parks. There are many ways to help your children (and family) cope with the relocation, whether it’s to a home a few minutes away or all across town.

Why It’s Important To Prepare

If you changed houses when you were young, you may understand how traumatic the event can truly feel. And it’s understandable! Young children might’ve been living in your previous home for their entire lives so their fear is understandable. One of the best ways to prepare your child for the “uprooting” is by letting them know that it’s going to happen sometime in advance. Instead of pulling the rug out from under your child, let them know what will happen a few weeks ahead. Explain to them why a move is necessary and about how exciting it can actually be! Let them know about the new home, perhaps take them to an open house or let them choose their room.

How To Deal Moving Day

As move day draws near, it may best to let your child say goodbye to their old home. This can get very emotional so be prepared for some waterworks. In the end, it will help your child move on and feel better about moving out. Take them through every room, recall happy memories in each room. Also, perhaps point things out such as the size of the rooms. If the new home will have more rooms (or large rooms), point this out and explain how your new house will be bigger and more comfortable. This will help your child detach from the old home and get used to the thought of the new home.

Now, the hardest thing may be getting your child used to a new neighborhood. When you choose Winton Homes, you can rest assured knowing your new neighborhood will be homey and comfortable. Perhaps there are parks nearby or other fun, nearby locations. You could also get your child accustomed to the neighborhood prior to moving out entirely so they can be as familiar with the neighborhood as possible. Then, when your family moves into your new Winton Home, there won’t be any traumatic memories! Instead, it will be a positive and joyful experience. Contact us today to learn more.

Mistakes to Avoid When It Comes to Custom Floor Plans

close up of custom floor plans with pens and a protractor on topMost people who are given the option of creating their own custom floor plans take the time to make sure they include everything they want and need. However, they often fail to come up with a list of options that they absolutely do not want. This can lead to unthought of problems and turn the dream into a nightmare. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration whether your family will be expanding or if you will be aging in place. You also need to contemplate what will work with the amount and type of entertaining that you do.

Room Placement and Custom Floor Plans

As the saying goes, failure to plan is planning to fail. In addition to including your lifestyle and habits, it is also important to think long term so that you know what you will need from your home in the future. Beyond that, also be sure that there are plenty of windows and outlets for light fixtures in each room, as well as where to place each room in order to make the most of the space you will have with your custom floor plan.

When it comes to room placement, be sure to take into consideration how far you are willing to drag the laundry when it needs to be done. That will help you decide where to put the laundry room. Additionally, be sure that the bedrooms are places so that they are affected by the least amount of noise as possible. Moreover, the master bedroom should be located away from the central living areas, at the far end of the house, at the end furthest away from the garage. When deciding where to place the kitchen on your custom floor plans, be sure to remember that you will be both bringing in groceries and cooking for guests who will be located in the dining, family, and living rooms. Therefore, it should be centrally located and also near the garage. You also need to decide how much traffic will go through your garage in order to determine its placement.

Avoid Underused Rooms with Custom Floor Plans

Many people have good intentions when they add spare rooms to their custom floor plans. However, without proper planning, they become dumping grounds and/or storage areas. It is important that the room is able to transition from one purpose to another. It is not uncommon for a home office to have to also be a guest room and then turn into a child’s bedroom. Therefore, do not get too attached to the gym equipment. Especially if all it does is help you dry laundry.

If you are looking for help with your custom floor plans and are building in the El Paso area, contact Winton Homes. We have been building homes for almost 30 years. Let’s help you get started on your dream home- contact us today!

What Should You Consider When Creating Custom Floor Plans?

Building a home is an opportunity that many people wish they could do, but that only a select few actually get to do. Finding the means and financing the build play a huge factor in whether or not building a dream home will come true. Those that do get the opportunity to do so have a million different options to choose from when they are ready to begin. One of the most significant and valued options is the ability to create custom floor plans for your home. Our team at Winton Homes, in El Paso, can help you build the home of your dreams with a custom floor plan all your own.

Write Down Every Detail

When it comes to a floor plan that is completely tailored to your needs, you will want to make sure you don’t leave anything out. Sitting down and writing out your wants and needs will be important in order to get an end result that you are incredibly happy with. The basic layout needs to include all of the rooms you want and where you want them located in your home. Once you have determined where each room will be, you need to decide what size you want them to be as well. Being able to choose the size and location of each room in your home is a very valuable option that not all new homeowners get. Once you have done this, you should point out small details you want in each room such as bay windows, jetted bathtubs, and a fireplace.

Plan For The Future

When creating custom floor plans, you should always keep in mind what you want for the near or far future. A major factor to take into consideration is if you will be having children or entertaining and housing guests frequently. It will be good to have extra room and not feel like you are cramped or running out of space. Including all the features and amenities that you want will ensure that you don’t have to move elsewhere or renovate your home in the future.

The Location Of Your Build Will Matter

Custom floor plans will depend on the area that you choose to build on. If your property lot is shaped a certain way or has limited space, your custom floor plan may not be exactly how you want it. If you want full freedom when it comes to your floor plan, you should try your best to seek out a piece of property that allows you to build however you want. Building a home is an exciting time and getting the option to lay out your house exactly how you want it is an opportunity of a lifetime. If you are interested in creating a custom floor plan for your new home, Winton Homes is here to help. We would love to answer any questions you have, so please give us a call today!

Current Trends in Custom Homes

custom homes floor plansThe whole idea behind custom homes is to create a space that is completely unique. However, there are a number of trends that you may want to take into consideration when you sit down with your builder. Many make day-to-day life more convenient and luxurious. Also behind some of these trends are the economy, environment, and demographics, as well as a desire for greater healthfulness and a yearning for a sense of community.

Building Trends for Custom Homes

Custom homes being built today have cleaner lines and modern, open concepts on the inside. That means there are fewer hallways and wasted rooms. Additionally, open floor plans also allow for more useable space. More and more homeowners are seeing the value in 100 percent of their spaces being completely usable. Going along with this is the disappearance of the formal living and dining rooms. While this space is still a part of the floor plans of custom homes, they are used for different things. For example, when it comes to the living room, many people choose to make it multi-functional. The room could be used as both a library and a bar area or it could open to the patio and be more of a party room. When it comes to the dining room, it has also become more open and casual. It is often used as the serving space for casual parties or bookcases are added and it could become a library. In addition, if you like to entertain, you have the option of including a built-in bar in your kitchen.

Also, keep in mind that the non–self-employed population has grown by 103 percent since 2005 and that number will continue to grow at between 10 percent and 20 percent a year. Therefore, more and more people are in need of a work-from-home space. Since almost any area of a house can become a workplace, the most functional ones incorporate built-ins and furnishings that serve a dual purpose. It also seems as if custom homes are being designed in a way so that layouts can easily change on a homeowner’s whim.

Technology and Custom Homes

Another thing that is being incorporated into custom homes is that of smart home features. It is no longer science fiction to be able to ask your home to turn on the lights for you or start brewing your coffee while also giving you a weather and news report. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are two of the most common and they are gaining both traction in the market and abilities as to what they can do for those that invest in them. In order to plan for the future, many custom homes are being equipped with the technology even before it becomes usable.

If you are looking to have a custom home built in the El Paso area, contact Winton Homes. They have been supplying high-quality real estate to the area for almost 30 years.

Interior Decorating Tips for Custom Homes

Color samples with house plan, calculator and penAs custom home builders, we are constantly getting asked for interior decorating advice. While we here at Winton Homes specialize in custom home building, we also know a thing or two about timeless styles and current trends. Here are a few of our favorite decorating tips to make your custom home feel springtime fresh and summertime ready.

Interior Decorating Tips for Spring and Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and springtime trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Rather than changing your interior once summer hits, experts recommend creating an interior look that will transition seamlessly from spring to summer. To achieve this, try incorporating a few of the following design elements into your space:

  1. Foliage, Foliage, Foliage: We said it three times because we mean it! Foliage is the number one way to bring life into your home, and it is undeniably chic. Try putting a large, potted fern in your living room, or hang potted plants from your ceiling! You will be surprised how beautiful these plants look, and all you have to do is keep watering them! If your busy schedule has you questioning whether or not you can realistically keep a plant alive, don’t fret. Fake foliage can look just as nice as the real stuff – just choose your purchase strategically!
  2. Summer Bronze: Everyone wants that bronzed, summer look, and we aren’t talking about on their skin! Bronze is a classic metal that brings warmth and beauty to any home, and it is majorly trending. Consider incorporating bronze accents into your custom home – it looks great on picture frames, vases, and lamp stands… and that is just the beginning! Plus, bronze looks great all year around, so you won’t have to worry about switching things up when fall comes.
  3. Light and Bright Hues: We know that springtime often means bright pops of color, but this season is calling for a more subtle color palette – think pale grays, whites, camels, and soft pinks. Blush pink is especially on-trend at the moment, and is the perfect color to bring some spring cheer to your home without being too obvious. Bonus tip: Purchase multiple throw pillows that correspond to this color palate and then mix and match them as you please. If you are over the pink in July, you can bring out your beige and camel-colored pillows.

Custom Homes: The Ultimate Way to Personalize

Homeowners love customizing their interior spaces – and for good reason! Your home should be an expression of who you are, and it should be a place of comfort and joy where you can truly relax. But if customizing your interior space is good, customizing your entire home is even better. And if you think our interior design advice is good, you should see our houses! At Winton Homes, we help homeowners build the homes of their dreams through customization. If you have questions about the home-building process or are ready to start building your custom home today, call us today.

Should I Move or Remodel?

inside of a nice kitchenWhen the home feels like it has shrank over the years, or perhaps when the kitchen and bathroom feel outdated, homeowners start to ask themselves this question. Should we move or remodel? Honestly, here at Winton Homes, when it comes to moving or making changes our answer is a little of both. Remodeling could be exactly what you need to stage your home for sale. Moving out might be exactly what you need to get the right home for your family’s needs.  

Remodeling an Outdated Home

If your home is outdated, a small amount of remodeling will help you to stage the home for prospective buyers. A few options are updating kitchens and bathrooms, fresh coats of neutral colored paint, and of course decluttering. Not only that, major remodels take months on end, which can make your home even more uncomfortable during the duration of the changes. However, making a few remodeling changes to get your home ready for sale might be exactly what you need.

Moving Out

If you have outgrown your home or the idea of moving out is already a seed planted in your mind, no amount of remodeling with fix the issues. Although, your family may think of moving out as a hassle, there are many benefits to the process. First of all, you have the potential of finding a home that better meets the needs of your family. Chances are you will also find a more updated home with features that didn’t exist on the market when you bought your last home.

Moving is Better When it Means Moving into a Winton Home

We are certain once you experience the Winton Homes standard you will want to be moving out of your home immediately. Not only do our homes offer luxury and style, all of our new builds are completely customizable. We can give you the customizations you are looking for and the accommodations to make your house feel like the home of your dreams. There’s nothing cramped our small about our spacious floorplans either. On top of all that, Winton Homes are energy star certified. This means our builders use specific practices and products to ensure your home is more efficient. Over the course of a year you will save hundreds of dollars on your utilities.

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If you are looking to buy a new home contact us right away. Our homes truly are the best you will find on the El Paso Market. One of our helpful staff members can answer your questions and get you on the right track. If you have outgrown your starter home, or your family has grown, we can help get you into your forever home!

How to Create Custom Floor Plans

working on custom floor plans

It is something many people dream about and few get to do. If you are lucky enough to be able to create custom floor plans for your new home, you may be overwhelmed with how to begin and what to include. Take your time because the planning stage will determine whether your custom-built home will ultimately fulfill your dreams. Once you’re ready, Winton Homes is here to help!

How to Begin Your Custom Floor Plans

You do not need to be an architect or know how to draw blueprints. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down everything you ever dreamed about including in your custom floor plans. Go room by room and decide what each should have. Whether it is a fireplace in the family room or a jacuzzi tub in the master bath, be sure to write it down.

Remember to Include the Future

What you want and need right now may not be what you want or need in future. Whether you are planning to have children, age in place, or have another plan altogether, be sure to include the amenities needed for the next phase of your life so that you do not have to move or make expensive renovations.

The Property is Important

If you know where you will be building your new home, walk the property and see what it has to offer. If you have a view of the mountains or a freeway, decide if you want to look at it in the living room or the bedroom. Additionally, the custom floor plans for a steep slope will look very different than a design for a flat lot. Moreover, you also need to determine how you will include both natural and electric lighting into your custom floor plans. This means choosing to have natural light in the kitchen and keeping it out of the TV and bedrooms.

Once you have all of your ideas down on paper, you will need to go through and prioritize them. This will enable you to decide what to keep and what can go should you end up over budget. If you cannot afford to have both the jacuzzi tub and the fireplace, you have to decide which is more important to you, your family, and your plans for the home.

If you are interested in creating custom floor plans for a home in the El Paso area, contact Winton Homes. They have been building dream homes for over 25 years.

Things to Keep in Mind When Searching for Homes in El Paso

homes in el pasoSearching for homes and a place to live can be stressful. That is why it is important to make sure you sit down and make a list of what you are interested in. Finding the home of your dreams can be exciting but it comes with a lot of work and attention to detail. Finding a beautiful home will be worth it in the end when you love where you live. If you are in El Paso or the surrounding areas, Winton Homes has a great inventory of homes to show you.

Define Your Budget

One of the most important things to start out with is your budget. Your spending budget is very important to determine early on so that you know what types of homes you can get a loan on and to make sure you don’t go over that spending amount. You won’t want to get your hopes up looking at homes in a price range that you simply cannot afford. This is why establishing a budget is incredibly important during your search for the perfect homes.

Consider Location And Schools In The Area

There are many other things you will want to consider when looking to buy a home. Location and neighborhood are things that you will want to pay close attention to. If you have kids, chances are you may want to be in an area with great schools, parks, and neighborhoods. Safety is a top priority for many parents, so finding a home in an area that is deemed safe will be very beneficial. If you have a preference for a school for your child, chances are you will want to find a home in that area as well. Location can be very important for the kids but also for the parents. If you work in the area, it may be nice to live close to your office building as well. Another great thing to consider is what retail shopping and dining options there are in the area. This can also help you determine what location you may want to live in.

What Kind Of House Do You Want

Once you have figured out where you want to live, you need to figure out what kind of house you are interested in purchasing. It will be important for you to sit down and take some time to determine what types of things you would like to see in a home. This can include square footage, layout, floor plan, color, and any feature or amenities included. Maybe you’re looking for a two car garage or maybe you’re interested in a home with a bonus room. Or maybe you are interested in a backyard with a pool. No matter what it is you want, it will be important to make a list. This will essentially ensure your happiness down the road when you are in a home that you absolutely love.

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El Paso Luxury Home Builders — How They Help You Build Your Dreams

A dream many people share is that of living in a beautiful luxury home. Any fan of home improvement show is well aware of the beauty luxury homes have to offer. If you’re thinking of moving into a luxury home, why not have one built for you instead? Since luxury homes offer a plethora of incredible amenities and choices, you can meet with El Paso luxury home builders to make all your future dreams come true! Since the city of El Paso is full of beautiful locations, you can choose exactly where your luxury home will be located. Here are a few reasons why luxury home builders are the best option for you.

Put Your Dreams in the Hands of Professionals

Have you been dreaming up ideas for your future dream home? Then it wouldn’t make much sense to move into a pre-built home that wasn’t made with you and your specifications in mind. The best way to get around this is by choosing to team up with El Paso luxury home builders. Together, you and your builders will be able to plan out exactly what you need in your home. Your future home will be with you for a very long time so why would you want one that doesn’t suit you and your family perfectly?

Your future home will be with you for a very long time. Why would you want one that doesn’t suit you and your family perfectly? Meet with your family and jot down all the ideas and dreams you may have. From there, your home builder team will be able to use the expertise necessary to turn your dreams into a reality. So go ahead, get that spiral staircase and that chandelier. If you’ve always dreamt of having a large pool and jacuzzi, add it to the list! Want a theater room and a guest bedroom for your mother? Add that as well. Game rooms, mud rooms, studies, anything that comes to mind during the planning phase can manifest in reality when you choose luxury home builders for the job.

Newly Built Homes Are Intrinsically Better

One of the best, yet often overlooked reasons to choose to have your luxury home built from the ground up is the simple truth of innovation. As time goes on, better building practices are implemented. In our current time, new homes are as energy efficient as possible. Winton Homes uses only Energy Star certified appliances in all our builds. In addition, our homes themselves are Energy Star certified. This means there are building practices our team uses to specifically keep energy bills low all while using the highest-quality materials. From the water management to the HVAC system, your home will be luxurious and energy-efficient!

Choose the Right Team For Your Dreams

In order to take the first step towards your dream home, you need to first start with the right team. Winton Homes has been building beautiful luxury homes for residents all over El Paso and in Southern New Mexico for many years. Our team of El Paso luxury home builders will work hard to craft a luxury home that will suit your needs and dreams to the highest degree. Contact Winton Homes today!