Interior Decorating Tips for Custom Homes

Color samples with house plan, calculator and penAs custom home builders, we are constantly getting asked for interior decorating advice. While we here at Winton Homes specialize in custom home building, we also know a thing or two about timeless styles and current trends. Here are a few of our favorite decorating tips to make your custom home feel springtime fresh and summertime ready.

Interior Decorating Tips for Spring and Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and springtime trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Rather than changing your interior once summer hits, experts recommend creating an interior look that will transition seamlessly from spring to summer. To achieve this, try incorporating a few of the following design elements into your space:

  1. Foliage, Foliage, Foliage: We said it three times because we mean it! Foliage is the number one way to bring life into your home, and it is undeniably chic. Try putting a large, potted fern in your living room, or hang potted plants from your ceiling! You will be surprised how beautiful these plants look, and all you have to do is keep watering them! If your busy schedule has you questioning whether or not you can realistically keep a plant alive, don’t fret. Fake foliage can look just as nice as the real stuff – just choose your purchase strategically!
  2. Summer Bronze: Everyone wants that bronzed, summer look, and we aren’t talking about on their skin! Bronze is a classic metal that brings warmth and beauty to any home, and it is majorly trending. Consider incorporating bronze accents into your custom home – it looks great on picture frames, vases, and lamp stands… and that is just the beginning! Plus, bronze looks great all year around, so you won’t have to worry about switching things up when fall comes.
  3. Light and Bright Hues: We know that springtime often means bright pops of color, but this season is calling for a more subtle color palette – think pale grays, whites, camels, and soft pinks. Blush pink is especially on-trend at the moment, and is the perfect color to bring some spring cheer to your home without being too obvious. Bonus tip: Purchase multiple throw pillows that correspond to this color palate and then mix and match them as you please. If you are over the pink in July, you can bring out your beige and camel-colored pillows.

Custom Homes: The Ultimate Way to Personalize

Homeowners love customizing their interior spaces – and for good reason! Your home should be an expression of who you are, and it should be a place of comfort and joy where you can truly relax. But if customizing your interior space is good, customizing your entire home is even better. And if you think our interior design advice is good, you should see our houses! At Winton Homes, we help homeowners build the homes of their dreams through customization. If you have questions about the home-building process or are ready to start building your custom home today, call us today.

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