A Game of Would You Rather-El Paso Home Builders Edition


young man thinking about whether or not he should choose el paso home buildersPull up a chair and gather around because we’re going to play a game you may remember from middle school; Would You Rather? The twist? This is the home builders edition. You may be in the market for hiring El Paso homebuilders to build the home of your dreams for you and your family. Once you take the first step, you’ll quickly realize just how many choices and decisions you have to make. A good game of Would You Rather should help. Don’t worry, Accent Homes will help guide you through this tough game.

Round One: Would You Rather Have a Single Story Home or a Two-Car Garage?

Now, this is a tough one. Two-story homes can be great but can be a hindrance if you’re not willing to carry furniture up the stairs or have pets and small children who won’t do well with stairs. But two-car garages can be perfect for you and your spouse. No more fighting over who gets the coveted, covered spot during a hailstorm when you can park BOTH of your cars in the garage. Sounds like the life right? But you can only choose one, so what will it be?

Round Two: Would You Rather Install Refrigerated Air or Your Washer and Dryer?

No matter which you choose, you’ll have to get your hands dirty. The El Paso area can get mighty toasty during the summer months. Just imagine how nice it’ll be to come home from a day out and about to cool off in refrigerated air. You won’t have to worry about the heat ever again! Refrigerated air is only needed during a specific portion of the year, though. But you use your washer and dryer a few times a week, no matter how hot it is outside. Should you have El Paso homebuilders install that for you instead? Each appliance can be difficult to install. Which should you choose to install on your own?

Round Three: Would You Rather Have a Nice Yard or Nice Interior?

This is one is a cosmetic issue. Would you rather have a nice exterior with appealing landscaping and a cemented driveway or would you rather have granite countertops and hardwood floors? This is a toughy. Do you want your guests to be impressed with the outside, as they drive by or pull up in your driveway, or do you want them to enjoy the pleasantries on the inside? This must depend on how social you are, we guess. If you never have people over, should you go with the outside? Or if you’re always having guests over, should you go with the inside? This one may just be too hard!

With the Right El Paso Home Builders, You Don’t Have to Choose

Yes, you guessed it! This blog is a joke because when you hire the right El Paso home builders, you won’t have to choose. Want a single story home and a  two-car garage? You can have it. Want a beautiful interior and exterior? We’ve got you covered. Lastly, with our custom homes, you won’t have to worry about installing any appliances or refrigerated air conditioning on your own because all of this is included. Accent Homes is here to help you build the home of your dreams, so give us a call today!

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